Spike Lake 15°


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Down-fill traditional mummy bag

Our traditional down mummy bags deliver high value and performance in a lightweight bag. Ideal for backpacking but versatile enough for couch surfing, they are insulated with DownTek™ and use baffle construction for efficient heat distribution. If you’re in the market for a mummy shaped bag constructed with high quality, lightweight materials these bags are your ticket to traveling fast and light.
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What's in a Name?

Dinner is Served: Spike Lake sits on the east side of the Zirkel Wilderness between Lost Ranger Peak and Mount Ethel at 10,433ft. As high alpine lakes go this one sits high, blue, and full of trout. Neighboring lakes such as Rainbow, Roxy Ann, Slide, and Luna may be better known and easier to access which is why Spike Lake is legendary for being so full of trout that backpackers have been known to spend days on its banks eating nothing but scores of fish caught out of its fresh, clean water.

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