Behind the Scenes with our Repair and Customer Service Teams

Behind the Scenes with our Repair and Customer Service Teams

We understand that gear gets used–often hard–and hopefully for a long time. We want your Big Agnes gear to have the longest, healthiest life it can, and we’re here to help that happen. We’ve been dedicated to gear repair since we started making it back in 2001. Read on to learn a little more about the details of what we do, who does it, and how you and your gear can benefit from the work of our awesome team.

How big is the Repair Team?

We’ve got 8 talented sewers, repair techs, shipping experts, and gear gurus that make up our Repair Team. As the company has grown so has this team, along with Customer Service (6), to meet the demands of more Big Agnes gear in the field.

How long has Big Agnes had a repair team/person? Since the beginning?

BA has been committed to keeping our gear going on the trails since creating the brand in 2001. We repair gear to keep it actively playing on the trail and out of the landfills. Big Agnes has had a tech on staff since the beginning to sew up rips, test pads, restore pole sets, and so much more.

What makes the Big Agnes repair program different from other gear companies?

Our Repair team members live the dream testing our Big Agnes gear in our Steamboat Springs, CO backyard. We actually get to repair our customers’ gear right on the trail when they hike through town on the Continental Divide Trail. We also travel to events across the country and bring tools, set up a sewing machine, and do live repair. Our Repair Team is also fully integrated with our Product Development team to collaborate on making Big Agnes product better each year based on our experience and customer feedback. Big Agnes is committed to providing a repair program to restore damaged gear to full functionality so it can stay in the game for many more seasons. If the gear is beyond repair, we harvest parts to reuse and provide used gear options for adventurers looking for low-cost options to replace retired parts. Our Repair Team works closely with our Big Agnes Customer Service team to communicate directly with our customers to provide timely, low-cost and (hopefully) no-cost solutions to keep our customers stoked and out on the trail.

Why is repairing gear so important to Big Agnes?

Well-used gear will develop battle scars, but those little nicks and scrapes don’t need to be the end of life for your precious gear. Tents tear, jackets rip, zippers wear out, poles snap. When this happens we will do everything in our power to refurbish and repair your gear to get you back out there. We do so as inexpensively as possible to encourage keeping gear alive rather than in a landfill. We’re firm believers that customers should use our gear and push it to the limits, and we know it can be tough on the edge.

What are the most common repairs we do?

Fabric Tears, Zipper Slider replacements, Pole set restoration, Hardware replacement for broken clips, buckles, etc. We stitch, glue, reseal, patch, and restore.

If someone has a question about a repair or warranty issue, what should they do?

Reach out to our Customer Service team by calling 877-554-8975 M-TH 8-5, and Fr 8-1. After 1 PM on Fridays our team is out on the trail adventuring and testing Big Agnes gear. Also, visit our Customer Care Pages for answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Tips and Tricks to caring for your gear.