Sleeping Bags: Which Style Is Right For Me?

Sleeping Bags: Which Style Is Right For Me?

A bag for every body.

Everyone sleeps differently, and we have different sleeping bags to match various sleep styles. Refer to this guide to help decide which of our sleeping bag styles is right for you!

Pro Tip: Any two Men's and Women's sleeping bags of the same style and zipper length can be zipped together to create a cozy doublewide sleeping bag for you and your partner!

Big Agnes System Bags

Our Big Agnes System sleeping bags attach your sleeping pad to your sleeping bag, for a more comfortable night's rest.

Insulation requires air to work effectively, and lying on top of the insulation in a traditional sleeping bag renders it ineffective. With any sleep system you'll want a properly insulated sleeping pad to keep you warm against the cold ground. Our System sleeping bags feature no insulation between the sleeping bag and pad - this not only saves weight and bulk, but makes for a more comfortable sleeping surface, without lying on top of clumped, ineffective insulation.

Big Agnes System bags keep you secure on top of your pad at night - no more rolling off of your pad onto the ground! They also tend to provide more room than a traditional mummy style bag, and reduce friction noise between your sleeping bag and pad.

All Big Agnes System bags require an appropriately insulated sleeping pad to create an effective sleep system.

Types Of Big Agnes System Sleeping Bags:

Standard System Bags

Anvil Horn - Men's Down
Lost Dog - Men's Synthetic
Daisy Mae - Women's Down

These bags are great for those looking for a Big Agnes System bag solution for themselves, at a specific temperature range. They feature our Flex Pad Sleeve, and can accommodate a sleeping pad between 20-25" wide. You'll want to match your pad's length to the length of your sleeping bag:

Long = 78"
Regular = 72"
Petite = 66"

3N1 System Bags

Lost Ranger 3N1 - Men's Down
Lost Ranger UL 3N1 - Men's Ultralight Down
Roxy Ann 3N1 - Women's Down

Two bags, three sleeping solutions. These bags are actually two bags, an inner and outer bag. Use the outer bag only on warm nights, the inner bag only when it's a bit colder, and both bags together to stay warm on the coldest nights. They feature our Pad Cinch Sleeve, and can accommodate any single-person Big Agnes sleeping pad.

Park Series System Bags

Diamond Park - All Gender Down
Echo Park - All Gender Synthetic

In a word - deluxe. These sleeping bags are meant to be extra roomy and luxurious, perfect for bigger and taller sleepers, or simply those that want some extra room. All Park Series models feature a fully removable upper quilt for ultimate versatility. They feature our Flex Pad Sleeve, and are designed to be used with pads that measure 25"x78".

Doublewide System Bags

King Solomon - Doublewide Down
Dream Island - Doublewide Synthetic

It's in the name - doublewide. Perfect for couples or starfish-style sleepers, these bags are roomy and comfy enough for two. All doublewide bags feature a zip-off comforter that can be removed, folded in half, and turned into a single sleeping bag. They feature our Pad Cinch Sleeve, and can be used with a single 40"x72" or 50"x78" pad, or two 20"-25"x 72"-78" pads.

Traditional Mummy Bags

Greystone - Men's Down
Women's Greystone - Women's Down
Anthracite - Men's Synthetic
Women's Anthracite - Women's Synthetic

Traditional mummy bags are technical, minimalist bags. Ideal for those Spartans who want to sleep in a bag without a pad. They are also great for hammocking, couch surfing, hosteling, back seat of the car naps or the ultimate red-eye flight portable bed. These bags offer insulation all the way around. They can be used on top of a sleeping pad (recommended) or stand alone.

Sidewinder Mummy Bags

Sidewinder SL - Men's Superlight Down
Women's Sidewinder SL - Women's Superlight Down
Sidewinder Camp - Men's Synthetic
Women's Sidewinder Camp - Women's Synthetic

Did you know - most people sleep on their side? These bags cater to side sleepers with a center zipper, a pillow sleeve that moves as you do, and design that adds extra padding at the shoulders and hips. They can be used on top of a sleeping pad (recommended) or stand alone.

Expandable Mummy Bags

Torchlight - Men's Down
Torchlight UL - Ultralight Down
Torchlight Camp - Men's Synthetic
Women's Torchlight Camp - Women's Synthetic

Ever wanted some extra room in your sleeping bag? These bags feature expandable panels for up to 10" of extra space, customizable to give you space where you need it and keep things tight where you don't. They can be used on top of a sleeping pad (recommended) or stand alone.

Quilts, Liners, and Comforters

Too many to list - View them all here!

For the true minimalist, gram-counting, ultralight dorks out there, quilts pack smaller and lighter than sleeping bags. However, your temperature options may be more limited than other sleeping bags. Quilts, liners and comforters can be used on their own in warm temperatures, or combined with a sleeping bag for extra warmth and versatility They can be used on top of a sleeping pad (recommended) or stand alone.

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