Retiring Used Gear

Retiring Used Gear

Even high quality gear needs to be retired eventually.

All things have a lifespan, and gear can be tricky to dispose of effectively when its time is up.

Tents - Used Gear Evaluations

Has your tent finally seen its last trip? Send it to us - we'll give it a second life and get you credit towards getting something new.

Our used gear evaluations are a great way to recycle your gear - we'll take all of the usable parts, put them in our used parts inventory, and use them to help out other people in need of replacement components. In return, you get credit usable towards any Big Agnes purchase! Credit amounts are dependent on your tent's model and condition - to find out how much your tent is worth open a case and send in your tent for a used gear evaluation. Note - we are not able to determine the value of your used tent without a physical inspection.

Sleeping Bags And Insulated Apparel

Once your apparel or sleeping bag has reached the end of it's usable life, or you are ready to get into some new gear, please do not throw your gear away to live out it's last days in a landfill. Here are some things we do with our used apparel instead of tossing it.

Donate it to a homeless shelter or coat drive.

Your gear did a great job of keeping you warm, right? Now it's time to pass that comfort on to someone who needs it.

First, check out this handy guide on washing your sleeping bag and apparel

We encourage everyone to look within their own community to find an ideal place to donate to, such as shelters, schools, and churches. If you're having trouble finding a new home for your apparel, give us a call at 877-554-8975 and we can help you out.

Up-cycle your old apparel into something new.

Our gear is made of durable, technical materials that are meant to live a long and meaningful life. If you're the kind of person to use your gear 'till the wheels fall off, see if you can turn it into something new once it no longer suits your needs. We have seen old apparel turned into dog coats, seat covers, throw pillows, tote bags, and extra insulation of all kinds. Show us how you up-cycled your gear.

Use it to get a friend outdoors!

If you're moving on, but your gear still has some life left, you can always find a lucky friend to give your gear to! Often times, people simply lack the gear they need to enjoy the great outdoors. Gifting old gear can be a great way to help someone discover a passion for outdoor recreation, and potentially score you a new adventure buddy!

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