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Dog House 4


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Three season, freestanding, base/car camping tent

The Dog House 4 tent is versatile and value-oriented, providing shelter on a family road trip, and refuge from wind and sun on a remote river trip. One cavernous door and dry-entry eve welcome guests in this spacious tent with plenty of mesh for ventilation on hot summer nights, wherever you set up camp.
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What's in a Name?

John Rolfe Burroughs, a civilian war hero who was captured by the Japanese in WWII, was also a prominent writer and historian who called Steamboat Springs home. He chose to produce most of his writings in what he called the "Dog House". This hand-built, 10-by-24-foot log cabin is where he wrote "I Never Look Back", the story of legendary ski-racer and hometown-hero Buddy Werner, among other award-winning books. To this day, Burroughs' beloved cabin the Dog House, remains on the Routt County Register of Historic Places, and his stories of the West remain a strong part of the heritage of Steamboat Springs.

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