Best Tents for Camping with Your Dog

Best Tents for Camping with Your Dog

Are you planning to take your furry friend along on your next camping trip but not sure which tent to choose? This article will provide you with the best tent options that will provide you and your dog with restful sleep on your adventures. You will also discover expert tips and other recommended tent accessories for camping with your canine companion.

Top tents to share with your Dog:

Car camping:

Big House 4 or 6

Bunk House 4 or 6


Copper Spur HV UL2, and UL3 and Long

Copper Spur HV UL1-5

Other accessories sold separately:

Twister cane BioFoam Pad

Tent Floor Protector

Car Camping Tents:

The best car camping tents for you and your dog are either the Bunk House 4 and 6 or the Big House 4 and 6. These free-standing, three-season tents offer ample interior space and two large doors, ensuring that everyone has enough space and does not feel cramped. Additionally, you can add an optional accessory vestibule which will add extra shelter and space to protect you and your pup from the elements.

“The Big House 4 tent is fantastic - Super spacious, fit me, a friend, and my dog no problem with tons of room, where we didn't feel crowded.” -Geoffrey

Ultralight tents:

If you are planning to bring your furry friend(s) along on your backcountry adventure, the ultralight and easy-to-pitch Copper Spur HV or Copper Spur Long tents are great options.

The Copper Spur HV is an award-winning – bestselling ultralight tent that is exceptionally durable and easy to set up with ample living space as a free-standing tent and comes equipped with a 3D bin pocket to keep your space neat and organized.

“I love my Copper Spur HV UL 3 for all occasions as it is easy to pack light and is still spacious for myself, my partner, and my 35-pound border collie!” -Brie

If you have a bigger dog or a tall person and need more leg room - The Copper Spur Long is designed in UL 1 or UL 2 with 6 more inches in length and 3-4 more in height.

Getting the right size:

For ultralight camping: If you are not worried about the weight of your pack, it’s better to choose a larger size tent for extra legroom. If you plan to go camping alone with your dog, it’s advisable to get a 2-person tent, but if you are going with another person and your dog, a 3-person tent would be a better fit. The Copper Spur HV goes up to a 5-person, making it accessible for families.

For car camping: When camping with two/three people and a dog(s), opt for a 4-person tent. For families or groups of four with dog(s), choose a 6-person tent.

Other key accessories:

  • To keep your tent safe from sharp paws, it is essential to use a tent floor protector. Additionally, to protect the bottom of your tent, you could use a Footprint. These two products are sold separately at By using both, you can significantly prolong the life of your tent.

  • Keep your dog cozy with The Twister Cane BioFoam Pad. This pad is durable and will not get destroyed by paws. The Twister Cane also gives insulation between your dog and the ground, keeping your dog nice and toasty while camping!

Pro tips for camping with your pup!

  • Camping gear is not necessarily dog-proof; Keep a close eye on your pup and be careful of leaving you alone in the tent for prolonged periods of time, so they do not chew up your favorite sleeping bag… It's happened. It’s not a bad idea to bring a repair kit(s) in case your dog is a little rough on your tent.

  • Pack efficiently; make sure to bring a lot of treats and toys, a favorite blanket, extra food, and a dog first aid kit.

  • Pack a dog light so you can see them running around at night.

  • Before going camping, research dog policies and regulations for nearby areas, such as hiking trails and National Parks.