Identifying Your Gear

Identifying Your Gear

Knowing is half the battle.

Before you open up a support case regarding your gear for repair, return, or warranty, it's important to know exactly what gear you have! Much of our gear is organized into "families" with similar naming conventions, so while you may already know what the name of your product is (ex: Copper Spur), being able to positively identify the exact model of your gear (ex: Copper Spur HV UL2 Long) helps expedite our support process and get you back out there as quickly as possible. Here are some ways to confirm what gear you have:

On The Tag

The best, most foolproof way to get the name of your gear is by finding the tag.

The small tag with the information you're looking for can be often be found next to a larger tag containing materials and legal information:

The key information you may be asked for is:

Model Name

Item/Style # (SKU)

PO# (Production Order (PO) Code)

Your SKU is the most important of these codes, and begins with a letter: T for tents, B for sleeping bags, P for sleeping pads, F for furniture, BP for backpacks, and A for apparel.

The PO code can generally be found directly below the SKU, marked "PO#". This code indicates where and when your item was manufactured.

These tags are easy to find, but are located in different places depending on what type of gear you're looking at:


Your tent's tag can be found on either the inside of the tent body, or the inside of the fly, sewn into a seam near ground level. For shelters and tarps look on the underside near one of the edges.

Camp Furniture

When your furniture is set up, you'll find your tag facing down/outward, usually sewn into a seam on the outer edge of the fabric.


Open up your pack, and you'll find your tag sewn into a seam on the interior, usually on the back panel.

Insulated Apparel

Find your tag on the inside seam along the side of the apparel piece, near the hem.

On The Gear Itself

For the most part, our gear is marked with the model name right on it!


You can find your tent's model name printed on both the fly of the tent and the body of the tent, usually near a bottom corner.

Sleeping Bags

Model names, temperature ratings, and sizes can be found on most sleeping bags on a small patch near the head end of the zipper.

Sleeping Pads

You should be able to find the details of your sleeping pad near the top left corner of your pad, near the air valve


The name of your pack will be printed on the outside of the pack, on the rear right side mesh panel (if you're looking at it from behind).

On The Stuff Sack

Nearly all types of gear will have an ID tag sewn into the hem of the sack. If you have your original stuff sack and it has not been lost or replaced, you can find your gear's model information here.

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