DIY Buckle Replacements

DIY Buckle Replacements

Fix it, quick.

Broken buckle? While we're happy to make repairs at our repair center, if you can't part with your gear a field repair will do the job! Finding the right buckle can be tricky - and that's why we make it easy to fix your buckles at home with our field repair kits.

First, you'll want to open a case and specify that you're looking for a buckle field repair kit, including your tent's model.

Once it arrives, your field repair kit will include a new buckle as well as a length of guy line to hold the buckle in place as well as act as the stake out loop. 1. Remove the original buckle. You can break the plastic bar that holds it onto the webbing. Do not cut the webbing!2. Press the webbing flat enough to slide it through the new buckle. You can pinch it with a leatherman or hammer/press it flat.laying out your tent3. Slide the new buckle on, tie the guy line through the webbing as shown below. Make sure the buckle is in the correct orientation with the BA logo facing out when clipped to the fly. (i.e. buckle up)installing the new buckleIf you would like us to send you a field repair kit, we will need to know your preferred shipping address. If you are on trail, please provide a shipping address at least 7-10 business days ahead of you. We would rather have the parts waiting for you than ask you to wait for a package to arrive.If you'd prefer to send your tent to us for repair, please open a case. We do our best to repair items as quickly as possible however if we are in the height of our repair season your repairs may take more time. You should expect repairs to be completed between 6-8 weeks from the time it's checked into our repair center.If the damage to your tent is not covered under warranty, we offer our repair services in exchange for a repair fee + shipping costs to return the item to you.Call or reach out with any questions or concerns. You can reach us at 877.554.8975 Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm and Friday 10am-1pm Mountain Standard Time.

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