Recycling Your Circle Back™ Sleeping Pad

Recycling Your Circle Back™ Sleeping Pad

Bring your pad back around

Is your Circle Back™ Sleeping Pad leaking air? First thing to do is use the included patch kit to seal the leak and keep your pad out there! Click here for our guide on DIY Pad Repairs.

If that doesn't work, and your pad has seen its last night under the stars - not to worry - our Gear Specialists are here to help! We're here to help get you into a new sleeping pad, and to help your pad live a second life, after being recycled into new raw materials.

Get started by Opening A Support Case. - Be sure to specify that you have a Circle Back™ pad.

One of our dedicated Gear Specialists will get in touch with you shortly to help get you back out there - and your pad made into something new!

Still Stuck?

Get in touch with our support team by starting a support case, or giving us a call at (+1) 877.554.8975.

Our phone hours are:

Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm
Friday 10am-1pm

All times in Mountain Time (UTC - 6/7)

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