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Traditional mummy bag designed for side sleepers

Specifically designed for those who sleep on their sides, the patent pending Sidewinder Series was engineered to ensure warmth, comfort, and ease of use no matter which side you’re on. Constructed with features you expect from a traditional mummy bag with additional body mapped insulation to optimize warmth where you need it and minimize pressure points and other ‘side effects’. The Sidewinder SL is a side sleeper’s dream bag with technical features that roll seamlessly from one adventure to the next, and from one side to the other at night.
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What's in a Name?

Here in the Western States, Rattlesnakes are common and dangerous. Sidewinders got their name for being sidewards-moving rattlesnakes, that only make contact with the sand in two small places on their body. This helps them move quicker and stay cooler by lifing their bodies off the hot sand. Side-sleepers, much like Sidewinders, make contact with the ground primarily in two places, the hips and shoulders. We developed the Sidewinder bags specifically to provide more comfort for side-sleepers, with strategically placed insulation to provide more comfort and warmth regardless of what position you wind up in.

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