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TwisterCane™ BioFoam Hiking Seat



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The sweetest piece of gear in your pack.

TwisterCane™ BioFoam Hiking Seats are engineered for ultralight backcountry summer trips to high alpine winter conditions. The closed-cell foam technology provides a firm, cushioned barrier between you and the ground; smooth on one side with a tire tread pattern on the other. Made from sugarcane biomass in a process that removes carbon from the atmosphere and sourced in an environmentally sustainable manner.
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What's in a Name?

What's sweeter than sugar? Going on an adventure and knowing your gear is made from renewable sources that are also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It's name comes from our development team's efforts to twist their minds to find the next big thing. When they found that the resin from sustainably grown sugar cane made an excellent pad material, the TwisterCane was born.

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